To visit the islands, traditionally you may chose among floating hotels that carry between twelve and a hundred guests, port accommodation for day cruises or surfing tours. Programs in either case may last three, four or seven nights and visit different islands.

This program offers another view of the islands, combining walks and horse rides to forests and volcanoes. We may snorkel in company of gold ray schools, sea lions, multicolor tropical fish, and marine turtles, which are abundant in the coasts of Isabela island. We recommend this trip during the months of June trough October and December through March, when there is less rain at the higher parts of Isabela, which is  the largest of the Archipielago  (4588 Km2), so it holds the biggest biodiversity of life zones; from pristine white sand beaches and tropical humid forest to active volcanoes up to 1.677 mts m/s (Wolf Volcano).

Day 1.

Depart towards Isabela Island by small planeor from the airports of San Cristobal or Baltra; or by motor boat from Pto. Ayora in Santa Cruz Island (three hours). Once on Isabela we will head to our hotel and base in the Island. In the afternoon we will explore the beautiful beaches and paths of the Marshlands of the Devils.

Day 2.

We will ascend on a 45 minute vehicle ride through the slopes of the Sierra Negra volcano, until we encounter our horses to keep going further for one hour until the crater, one of the largest in the world (diameter of 9 km.). We will continue surrounding the crater until a parasite cone called Volcan Chico with its impressive lava fields, get deep into the  high lands vegetation and descend to the tropical forest, where we will camp.

Day 3.

We will get to Alemania, called this way by the inmates of the Penal Colony which existed there at early XX century. It was also the place where products such as fruits, sugar cane, or vegetables where cultivated, because it was not possible to do so on the low parts of the islands. When Penal Colony ended, these lands were abandoned until today, so we can find the ruins of the antique crops, and the giant avocado and citric trees that have formed a truly magical place. Wild pigs, horses and donkeys are frequently found, descendents of the domestic animals raised by the inmates.

Day 4.

We will descend to the low lands, to meet the vehicle that will take us back to  our hotel. In the afternoon we will have some free time for relaxing.

Day 5.

We will navigate for 1 hour 15 minutes parallel to the coast, until we get to Cabo Rosas, passing through Roca Unión, rock formation in the middle of the ocean with sea lions, and different marine birds, a beautiful estuary with hundreds of rocks, forming a channel and tunnel system, where submarine life is abundant; it is a privileged place for snorkeling. Pic nic lunch at a lonely beach and return to hotel.

Day 6.

Return by aircraft to Baltra or San Cristobal or to Pto. Ayora by sea or plane,  to connect to the mainland.

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