Ecuador is located on the Equator line and has a territory of 256.370 sq. kms. with over twelve million people living within. The magnificent mountain chain of the Andes rises in the middle of Ecuador, dividing the continental territory into three different regions: in the center the andean highlands, east of the Andes is a part of the Amazon basin and to the west the Pacific ocean coastline; almost at 1.000 kmts. off the coast are the Galapagos islands.

These special geographical conditions, enforced by the presence of hot and cold marine currents along its coastline, produce an amazing range of ecosystems that make of Ecuador, in spite of its small size, the home of almost 18% of the world's bird population, 7% of fishes, 9% of amphibious and, in general , 9% of the world's vertebrates . This astonishing territory is also the homeland for 12 indigenous nationalities (Shuar, Achuar, Huaorani, Siona, Secoya, Cofán, Záparo, Chachi, Tsa´chila, Epera, Awá, Quichua) and the Manta and Huancavilca people , whose members own most of the pristine forests that can still be found in Ecuador.