Community Tours

Amazonian jungle and the people who have taken care of its equilibrium for thousands of years are now in danger of extinction; it is our duty to know, respect and protect this natural and cultural heritage. Let us introduce you to the Amazon by the hand of the people who inhabited it for centuries. Ecuadorian indigenous nationalities from the Andes keep a rich tradition of culture and cooperative work that has made them leaders in the making of successful organizations, mainly related with textiles, agriculture and tourism; becoming the ideal guides to show us their territory. Indigenous communities on the Pacific Coast keep much of their pre-Columbian cultures alive, in most cases in spite of the lack of a distinctive language or dressing habits; some of them also own the few forest remnants that are still left on the ecuadorian coast and have recently started sharing with tourists their lands and communities.

Many rural communities in Ecuador, specially from indigenous nationalities, have found tourism as a valid source of income and development; they have organized themselves, sometimes with the help of their local governments, or from local or international NGO´s, in order to start touristic operations that will produce income that goes directly to community members, as well as profits that will be used to take care of community needs. The following itineraries include some of the most interesting community-based touristic operations in Ecuador, giving you an opportunity to experience local traditions and contribute to improve local quality of life. Most programs will operate for a maximum of 12 people and require average physical condition.