City Tour

A walking tour in downtown Guayaquil gives us a chance to know the city with a local guide, getting a closer look to the life and culture in the city; visiting the main sites  and monuments, enjoying the river view and the most traditional neighborhoods, churches and parks, such as the Centenario and Seminario or Park of the Iguanas.  The walk may also focus in some specific interests, such as visiting the local markets looking for fruits or handcrafts, explore art galleries, visit the local cemetery to enjoy sculptures, mausoleums and trails; go up over 400 steps to the top of Santa Ana hill to watch the river and the city from above, or visit one of the local museums that ofer exhibits of pre-Columbian indigenous cultures, as well as colonial and contemporary art.

The panoramic city tour, with private transportation,  covers other areas like the traditional Barrio del Centenario, as well as newer  neighborhoods of the city, mainly residential and comercial centers that joined the urban landscape during the last fifty years.

Historical Park

Crossing the bridge over the Daule river, you will get to the Historical Park in Samborondón, where you may take a glimpse of life and nature in Guayaquil during late XIX century. A chance to get close to the original flora and fauna of the area and visit some restored traditional houses. Cultural performances during weekends.

Cocoa Route

Heading south on the way to Machala,  (90 km from Guayaquil), we will find an agricultural area, mainly dedicated to cocoa, plantain and banana plantations. Cocoa was the main economical source of income for the country during early XX century and one may still witness the folklore and culture built around this activity. Opportunity to learn about the process of planting and  harvesting, and more phases involved in the cocoa industry. 


Proud of having one of the longest and widest beaches of the country, Its location one hour away from Guayaquil made it a preferred destination for internal tourism.  Excellent surfing spots or simply enjoy  seafood and calm seas for relaxing or sun bathing.  


The main coastal city destination for ecuadorians is a spot surrounded by beaches and salt ponds; full of opportunities for watersports and with a very active night life  during the coastal holiday season (December-April).